What is ouraccent.com?

• I wanted to create a website with an interactive experience for listening to accents around the world. With the current developments of social media websites, such as Youtube, it is easier than ever before to make connections and find recordings of accents from all over the world. These recordings can just be fun to hear, or you might use them to learn a regional dialect (or to choose a dialect to study if you are learning English), or even for research on dialects around the world.

How do I navigate on the map?

• You can click on the arrow controls located around the map, or on the zoom icons below. But you can also double-click anywhere on the map to zoom in to that region.

Why are some pins different colors?

• In some areas there are lots of results, so a purple pin has multiple videos inside it that you can find when you click on it.

I can't see a video!

• If a video won't load or if there is any other problem with content, please use the "report" icon (a flag) next to the video to let us know! It is possible that the video was deleted by its owner at the video hosting website. (If you own a video posted here and would like it to be removed specifically from ouraccent.com, you can also use the "report" feature.)

Can anyone edit the content?

• Yes. Like other forms of social media, this website needs your help — please add content or move existing content to more precise locations on the map. All changes will be recorded in case anyone makes inappropriate changes.

How do I add a video?

• Click on the "add new video" icon (bottom left), then click on a location on the map and add the URL for the video on Youtube. Note that you will be adding the video to the current view of the map, so plan ahead when doing this.

How do I move an existing video?

• Click on the "move" icon next to the video and then pick a location on the map. Please note that you can only move the video within the current view of the map, so you might need to move it several times if you want to put it in a completely different part of the world, but you can also zoom out in that case.

Why do you only have English accents?

• I would love to include other languages, but currently English recordings are most easily available. I'd also be interested in including other kinds of recordings of English accents. If you have any ideas about this, feel free to contact me. If not, check back in the future for updates.

Can I use the recordings for research and other purposes?

• What you find here are just recordings individuals have made of themselves and shared on the internet. This can be useful for research on dialectal variation! Ouraccent.com does not own any of the content, so please respect the rights of those who made the recordings; material posted here is freely and publicly available online. Please also be aware of other regulations (such as those at your university) that may affect your research. Generally, material that is available publicly online is not considered private information or "human subjects research" and therefore may be used for research purposes without additional approval or permission, but this does not mean that the material may be redistributed without the permission of its creators. Finally, please note that ouraccent.com cannot verify the location for each recording and that the location can only be as accurate as the information in the recording, which might be only the country or might include information such as a specific city.

Any other questions or comments?

• Please use the contact form. I'd be happy to hear from you. Include your email address if you want to hear back from me!